You dont have people pop onto Ferrari or Lamborghini forums 5

Sounds great! We need more liberal policy towards alcohol and pot. Demonizig their use doesn’t generally stop the problems it’s just causes people to hide what they’re doing and police have to enforce silly stuff like having a beer on the beach. It’s still illegal to drink and drive and be publicly intoxicated but now you can legally enjoy responsibly at a sporting event..

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Hermes Birkin Replica Upgrades will be coming out the ass. And your decision was to fucking expect people to start selling/shorting now instead of FOMO pilling in?Need I remind you what Boeing did for years and years and years after 08? Sideways for ages with one pump up and sideways again until finally in Jan 2017 it broke out of it sideways lull and it now 2019, the fucker still won stop pumping upThis same shit might just happen to Disney the way it positioning itself for the future.But also I realizing that I terrible at predicting outcomes. I thought DIS would be neutral to sell the news, maybe up a percent at max and wasn worth my time.Next event is MSFT, I can see it going up any more, but what the hell do I know? Maybe I should FOMO into some calls before IV gets too high? Or sell some puts? I bad at picking bets because my risk tolerance has been low since the October downturn.Anyway that the end of my blog, I have shit to do now, going to try to get some sleep before Monday.I might just quit trading entirely if DIS closes green on Monday. Hermes Birkin Replica

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